Duif flowers stands for Service, reliability, quality, honest prices and large assortment of fresh products.

Working together is Growing together.

After 23 years of working in flowerexport the time has come on the 1th of December 2021 to start Duif Flowrs. Duif flowers is an company what stands for Service, reliability, quality, honest prices and large assortment of fresh products. Duif flowers approach customers as a partner. Because he thinks that you have to grow together.
And listen to the needs of the customer to help them a step further. Because with listening to the customer you will get the best results. And if the customer grows, Duif flowers will do this as well. And how nice is it to get goals together!  
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What makes it that you want Duif flowers as a partner


Always fresh and high end quality products.

With Duif flowers this is one of the key points! Because I really think that quality in the end will win! That’s the reason why I only work with fresh products, because this is the first step for right quality. Duif flowers also work with growers known about their great quality, this all the achieve the right result! 

Another keyword is reliability. Because “do what you say” is important. 

Duif flowers understand the importance of getting the order complete. So there is no stress for the customer. Because Duif flowers is a small company there is extra controle on all flowers. 

service oriented and 24/7 available for the customer.

Do you got special needs or orders Duif flower will listen and will try his absolute best to make sure all will be arranged and sorted.  Duif flowers sees customers as a partner and working together is growing together. Because Duif flowers is a smaller company we can deliver customization with a high level of service!
Fair prices

Fair prices because of lower cost.

Duif flowers is trying to keep is cost low , so we can work on a sharper price level.  Because Duif flowers work with a small team , who do all the work together, from buying, selling till packing to flowers the customer will notice this in the price he will pay for the products.
Weddings en events

The perfect flowers for weddings and events.

Weddings and events is one of the strong points of Duif flowers.  Because of his excellent relationships with growers there are lots of possibilities. And this in combination of perfect quality is a big win! As well his knowledge and experience can help the customer to make the right decisions for delivering the perfect wedding or event!

Curious about possibilities?

Then you must look at the options Duif flowers have to offer! Look at the large assortment flowers, plants and sundries.  Or sign up straight away
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